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quoted in an article on creative wiriting by Cila Warncke in Mslexia (Oct/Nov/Dec 2011 issue):

''My best teachers were the ones who allowed me to find my own way of expressing things. Rather than teaching me tradition and 'the ‘right’ way,' they taught me to draw on what I already had, accept who I am, and build on that. Good teachers encourage discussion and new ideas.

Practice is essential, but you can’'t play well if you don'’t have the right sound image in your head. If I find myself struggling with a piece I have to step back, not play for a while, and try to understand it. Once you understand something, you can figure out how to translate it. Sometimes it is more important to imagine what you want to achieve rather than playing it constantly.’

NATALIA WILLIAMS-WANDOCH, award-winning concert pianist''

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